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This website, started December 28th 2009, is dedicated to my personal journey entering into the writing life and lets you know what I have been publishing and have for sale. It also offers some tips, tools, comments, conversations, heads up etc. on writing issues, craft and other related fun stuff.  I hope you enjoy it and stop in from time to time. 

Writers of the Oregon Writers Network have published a special cookbook to benefit the favorite charity of Kip Ward, our dear "Motelier" at the Lincoln City, Oregon Historic Anchor Inn.  Kip is not only maybe the friendliest innkeeper on the West Coast, at one of the coziest funnest motels you'll ever stay at; he's also a great animal lover and benefactor. That's in addition to being a great writer lover and benefactor. Kip has given of his time and treasure over the years to running an animal rescue in Lincoln City to save stray dogs and and other kind critters from an untimely and often unseemly demise. Several of our writer and editor pals decided to put together a cookbook featuring favorite and / or just downright fun recipes from amongst the free range hams that constitute our group.  All proceeds go to the animal rescue operation.

"Cooking Up Stories: Favorite Recipes from The Oregon Writers Network" is available in hard copy or various e-formats from Amazon,  Barnes and Noble, Smashwords,  Kobo and all the other usual sources.  Order a copy in time for the Holidays. Laugh and cry at the story-like recipes and fill your tummies with stories cooked up by real prose (pun intended).  Yours truly has a recipe for that great Polish delight, pierories, that enshrines the secret family recipe handed down from my "Busia" Lesniak.  Busia is the endearing Polish term for Grandma.

I hope you'll get your copy today so you can have a plate of pierogies in time for the Christmas Holidays, New  Years, Super Bowl Sunday, Valentines Day, Easter and all the other foodie days on the calendar.  Bon Apetite... or as we Polaks say Smacznego!

Perihelion Editor, Sam Bellotto Jr., just bought another story from me for his great online magazine. The story is called "It's the Martian Way." What happens when a happy go lucky smuggler on Mars has an Earth War mess up his smuggling business and his love life, by causing him to get thrown in Jail and face hard labor at the oxygen production facility?  Well, you'll have to read the story which appeared March 12th and is now in the Perihelion archives. I want to thank Kristine Kathryn Rusch for the brain tweak that got me started on this story and for identifying a few kinks in the story. Sam also worked a few words of blue ink magic that were much appreciated. This is my third sale to Perihelion. I love what Sam is doing with the magazine which I guarantee will give you great entertainment every time you go there.  This story joins my first sale to Sam, "Shit Eatin' Dog," and last year's contribution "Coming of AGE."  I hope you read and enjoy the new installment. The previous stories are still available in the on line archives.  And, as usual, it's all FREE!

My fourth story sale to will appear in June 2014. This story is titled "The Bone Necklace." It tells the tale of a young married couple in search of new employment to settle their finances, new surroundings to rejuvenate their relationship, and a chance to experience new cultures. They get more than they bargained for when two spiritual pathways intersect to change and challenge the depth of commitment in their relationship forever. Special thanks to NewMyths' Editor Scott Barnes who was around for the birthing of this story at a workshop many years ago and has seen it undergo a few metamorphoses, some with his insight and help.  Also a special thanks to many friends and acquaintances from New Zealand and Hawaii who pointed me at some of the Polynesian lore around which this story is molded. I take the blame for any stretching or twisting of things to enable the story. You can find my earlier stories, "The Attraction of Heavenly Bodies," "The Last Homecoming" and "The Last Teamster" in their online archives. Check them out. the reading at is FREE!

"Feolito's Gift" is the story of the life struggles of an ugly orphan boy in medieval Spain who finds solace in the isolation of his work atop the turrets and parapets of the grand cathedral he is helping to build. He can hide there from many of life's disappointments while he works, but not for every hour of the day and night. A series of fantastic events chisel new contours across the landscape of his soul and the hearts of his adopted family, community and friends.

Praise for Feolito's Gift:

Scott Barnes, Editor of the online magazine, and 2012 Writers of the Future Award winner for his story The Insect Sculptor, writes: "Feolito's Gift envelops the reader in the sights, sounds, and smells of a rural village in medieval Spain, evoking a tale so lyrical it almost sings. It recalls the best tradition of Michener's Tales of the South Pacific and--yes--Victor Hugo's hunchback."

In Feolito's Andalusia the magic of love brings stone to life. But can it transform hearts of stone? What gifts truly are the greatest treasures? The ones received at birth? The ones earned through toil and sweat? The ones given as gifts? Or the ones denied? Catch a falling star and make a wish, but be careful what you wish for. The gift of ugliness. The curse of beauty. The magic of love. Can a handful of star-stuff change the fate of an ugly stone cutter who carves gargoyles in his own likeness? Or should he use his treasure for the benefit of another, an unattainable but unforgettable someone?

You can buy "Feolito's Gift" for Kindle, Nook, or other e-formats online at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords.

My short story "Dirt Poor"  is now available in the Anthology "Elemental."  The anthology is a collection of stories drawing inspiration from the four classical elements earth, air, fire and water. They range from the light hearted to the very dark.  ELEMENTAL's editor is Susan Wingate the award winning Pacific Northwest author of the Bobby's Diner series and the recent award winning novel "Drowning." The anthology features a number of "new" authors (like me!), as well as some more established authors. Buy a dozen or so for your friends!

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