There was an article recently that caused a bit of a stir in the scribosphere. http:​/​/​www.​theguardian.​com/​books/​2014/​mar/​04/​creative-writing-course­s-waste-of-time-hanif-k­ureishi?​CMP=twt_gu Basically it rehashed the conundrum of whether good writing can actually be taught, or whether it is one of those inborn talents that you either have or don't have in your soul, or DNA, or intestines, or wherever inborn … Continue reading A TEACHERABLE MOMENT?


How do you get story ideas? When I talk to non-writer friends this is the second most frequent question they ask; it’s the question asked by the friends that take your declaration of interest in writing seriously. The question “friends” ask who don’t take your writing seriously is usually something like “You What?​” That’s often followed … Continue reading WRITING “THE LAST TEAMSTER”