Hello from a new website for my writer’s identity. As you may or may not know the old site had become rather dormant. Life is complicated and the old website took a back seat for a couple years. I decided it had also started to look like an old rusty Model T abandoned in the woods. So my very best daughter, Brit helped me refashion the look from the ground up.

I hope you like what you see. In the coming days and weeks I’ll be updating this new website with new content, including links to more recent published stories. You can also count on more frequent, and hopefully fun blog posts.

My greatest hope is that we’ll stay in better touch as a result of the revamp. Send comments, and messages, share ideas, pics, whatever…

There is some great news in just the last few days that one of my NewMyths stories “Between the Zeroes and Ones” is up for a Reader’s Choice award. I’ve posted the page that will have the balloting link below, but it isn’t live yet. Regardless of whether I win the top notch, the story will appear in the Anthology “Neo Sapiens.” Yeah, that’s the cover illustration above this post. A few days ago the editors said the link to the ballot would be live in a few days. Not yet as of a few minutes ago, but hopefully very soon… that’s admin jargon for it’s on the list of todo’s, but don’t ask for the exact time… Soon… keep checking. Here’s the link for the announcement.

Meanwhile I’m busy cleaning up the last bits of revamp. Stay tuned for more. I’ll be back with more in a few days.



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